We are a sixth-generation farm family that takes pride in the great tasting, high quality produce that we serve to our customers on a year-round basis. Approximately 30 acres of our farm is planted in produce each year, along with two large hi-tunnels. The hi-tunnels work hard in the cooler months – October through May. They are primarily used for production of greens and tomatoes. Our fields and hi-tunnels are rotated annually, so the same crop is never in the same place for two consecutive years (unless it’s a perennial crop).

We are a sustainable farm, and our growing practices reflect that. All our crops are grown with minimal use of chemicals. Biological insects, cover crops, crop rotations, use of plastic mulch, and other practices are used to reduce the need of chemical applications. Our crops consist of mostly hybrid varieties to protect the plants from diseases that most heirloom varieties cannot resist.


5024 Jacksonburg Road, Trenton, Ohio 45067
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